Smile Again

A new album, A new experience.


In this entirely self-written album Koen Plaetinck and Wim Van Hasselt combine their virtuoso instrumentalism with futuristic soundscapes and electronic grooves. Their mesmerizing melodies, uplifting beats and compelling lyrics dare to express, among other things, delicate and sensitive themes of life.

In “Smile Again”, creativity, expertise, friendship, passion, reflection, ideology and hope fuse through the universal language of music.

As creative centipedes, Koen and Wim took care of every step of this album themselves: song writing, recording, performance and production. Their musical ability and interest in various musical styles and an extensive instrumentation as the basis of this intensive creative process.

The various songs of “Smile Again” articulate and express some sensitive topics yet offer hope to look forward positively and keep a smile. The numerous layers in ART’uur’s music create a tantalising experience that culminates in a sense of joy.

The unbearable lightness of existence: heavy and light at the same time, where cheerfulness tingles and smiles triumph.

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